Learn to Play Guitar: How to Learn Guitar Basics for Beginners

Learn to Play Guitar

Guitar has forever been considered an instrument of sexiness, glamour, style and is by far the easiest way to impress women and have them at your feet, so it's unsurprising that you want to learn to play guitar. However, most people think it’s an easy instrument to play and they couldn't be further from the truth. Even learning the guitar basics can be a challenge! Watching your favourite rock stars, pop icons or solo artists perform, and watching the women screaming at them is an attractive style, and of course, you want a piece of that action, and you want to learn to play guitar. That said, it’s undeniable that the ability to play guitar has been studied and mastered by these people, and you can’t just pick up a guitar and start shredding solos or playing a romantic love song straight away. Limitless effort, years of hard practice and an underlying enthusiasm is what got the professional guitar players where they are today. So to get to this stage, we'll get you to learn to play guitar and teach you the proper methods of how to play guitar.

learn to play guitar

The Misunderstanding

It’s not surprising then when you pick up your guitar, spend a couple of days playing with it, and you finally realise that you can’t play… You get demoralised, put the guitar down and feel like your dreams of playing guitar are at an end, shattered and you’ve just wasted your money on something that’s going to sit in the basement from now on. Well that's because you didn't learn to play guitar properly, instead, you just went crazy! Well wait simply a minute there!

How to Play Guitar

how to play guitar

Presenting Jamorama

There's an easy brand-new option to finding out how to play guitar by a total expert, and it's readily available at Jamorama. Avoid all of the YouTube videos, they are simply beginners aiming to teach you how to play guitar, showing guitar basics, when they hardly understand themselves. Jamarama is an all in one video tutorial program developed to teach brand-new guitarists the very best techniques to end up being a pro in no time.

Guitar Basics

guitar basics

Jamorama is made up completely of video tutorials. Have you ever searched for a tutorial on YouTube and found it difficult to follow? Like it or not, lots of guitar courses are along the very same lines, other than rather of being free (like on YouTube), they make you pay.

Luckily, Jamorama isn't really like that. Mark, the trainer, is a gifted guitar player, all the lessons are set out plainly, he teaches you the guitar basics and the videos are in complete HD so you can see everything he's doing at all times. Watch his fingers play the music you’ll soon be able to play! Pick up these guitar basics and you'll have it down in no time!


Jamorama is very easy to use. It discusses everything in an easy, clear, and in-depth style. You'll learn to play guitar in no time following his instructions. Something I thought was really cool in the Jamorama guide was the little "Interest" signs. These signs assist you to see things that others may lose out on. For instance, if you see a sign, then you understand that it's an unique idea that you need to focus on, and these important points will save you a lot of time in the long run and teach you how to learn guitar properly.

They have 6 icons in overall like this, 1 for each important section to make note of. One classification that I found incredibly helpful is the "Caution" sign, as it stresses on bad habits that you can pick up
and take into your playing style. When I initially began playing guitar (As well as now still) I got myself into some real bad habits, heck, I didn’t even use a guitar pick for the first year! When I finally got around to getting an instructor, he sat me down and informed me: "You have to start using a pick, you aren’t going to do well without one". I only wish I had the "Caution" sign when I initially began playing ... it might have kept me from developing the bad practice of just finger picking.

I went out and hired a professional guitar tutor. He sat me down and explained everything properly; personally mentored me and I didn’t feel like I was getting much better. Don’t get me wrong, he could play beautifully and taught me a few things about playing. Seems like the ideal option, right? Other than for the fact I pay approximately $100 a month for his tutoring.

Once I found Jamorama, I was confident that it taught me more in a month than my instructor did in a year.

I'm not going to make some absurd claims that Jamorama will make you shredding guitar in 24 hours or that it’s worth a giant $1200 price tag. But it does have everything new players will need to start playing songs properly, and in the shortest amount of time. But if you have even the smallest capability to "self-learn", then it's going to be the ideal program for your first year or two.

Obviously, absolutely nothing can as compare to the individual touch and contoured lessons that a live Guitar instructor can offer; however it sure does get close!

More Advantages of Jamorama

Fairly inexpensive

As far as guitar courses go, $10/month is fairly low-cost, and Jamorama even provides you the choice to buy YEAR for $60 (half price).

Money-back Warranty

You can use Jamorama for 60 days and if you do not like it, you can get a refund the same day. However at the same time, if you do not like it, you’ve lost nothing by giving it a try. It’s a total win-win situatioin!


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